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Updated Fish List 7/19/14

The following list is based on the findings of fish experts regarding the infestation of Anisakis worms in fish.

The following fish (fresh, frozen, smoked, canned) are FREE Of This Concern:

- Carp
- Flounder – Only: Fluke (Northern waters) (*1), Georgia Banks, Channel
- Gefilte Fish
- Herring fillet (*2)
- Lox (Farm raised, which it usually is, unless marked "wild")
- Minced Fish Sticks, Minced Fish Patties, Minced Fish Cakes
- Mullet
- Perch (From: Lake Victoria- Africa)
- Pike
- Pollock – Only Atlantic
- Red Snapper (except Pacific)
- Red Perch (Canada)
- Sable- Only when marked: Farm Raised Black Cod [When made from Sea Bass (Chilean) see below]
- Salmon - Farm Raised [e.g. Atlantic, British Columbia, Chilean, New Zealand, Norwegian Wild (*3) - All Baby Salmon]
- Sardines- Morocco and Philippines
- Sea Bass – Blue Nose (New Zealand), Grouper (Mexican), Striped Bass
- Sea Bass - Chilean (*4)
- [Sole- Lemon Sole Only (*5)
- Tilapia
- Trout
- Tuna
- [White Bass (*5)
- Whitefish: Great Lakes (Some Poskim allow from Winnipeg [Canada] as well)

The following fish (fresh, frozen, smoked, canned) ARE Of Concern:

- Butterfish
- Canned Salmon (Wild, which it usually is, unless marked farm raised)
- Cod
- Fish Sticks, Fish patties, Fish Cakes - Filleted
- Flounder: All other types (including: Dabs, Turbot , Yellow Fin Sole, Yellow Tail, Fluke [Southern])
- Hake
- Halibut (*6)
- Ocean Perch
- Pollock – Alaskan
- Red Perch (from Ice landing)
- Red Snapper- Pacific
- Sable (*7)
- Salmon- wild (including: Socki, and Coho)
- Sardines [with skin and bones] - From Portugal, Scotland and Norway (*8).
- Sole
- Yellow Perch


Fish with white flesh can be checked [after the skin is removed] on a light box, by shining a bright flashlight from underneath, or by holding up to a bright light. The worms may appear extended or coiled in a circle. Wild Salmon or other pink colored fish require an ultraviolet light and expertise to check.

*1 Generally not infested and does not require checking, however there have been instances that worms have been found.
*2 According to many Poskim. Recently there has been research done on a few of the herrings on the market and most (and possibly all) have been found to be less than a Miut Hamotzui- accordingly it would be Muttar according to all opinions.
*3 Norwegian Wild is actually “halachically” farm raised, since it is caged and does not feed on Krill
מיעוט שאינו מצוי Although it is possible for the upper area adjacent to the stomach to be infested, at the present time inspections have shown it to be a 4 which does not require checking.
*5 [*] These fish have been checked and appear to be clean but further research is continuing.
*6 Found near the neck [area of the stomach]. Alaskan halibut may be infested in other areas as well.
*7 Sometimes it is actually made from sea bass (see above).
*8 Other countries (besides the 5 listed [in both categories]) are still under investigation.

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